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Bolga Basket, Flower Pot Basket, Planter Basket, Floor Basket

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This Straw basket is made from elephant grass and it is also handwoven. Our Baskets are made in Bolgatanga in the upper east region of Ghana by women. Our craftsmanship is non comparable


This woven piece is used as a storage basket, flower basket or a decorative basket



Diameter: 20 inches

Depth: 26 inches

Height: 26 inches

NOTE: This African basket is ship from Ghana, it takes 5 - 8 days by DHL Express

How To Shape Your Basket

We ship your basket pressed inward, easily reshape your basket by sprinkling water on the entire basket

Straighten it with your hand to get back the original shape

Allow your basket to dry

For inquiry or bulk orders contact us, we would be happy to answer your questions